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Top 5 Things Animated Videos Do Better Than Traditional Videos

12. Jan 2022

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Animated Videos are an huge engagement booster.

Video has become increasingly popular and in-demand. It has cemented itself as a foundation of the digital age, be it across social media or within marketing emails. The purpose of the video is to convey a message with content that has been optimized to be as engaging as possible for the viewer. It also needs to do this as informatively but concisely as possible. The result of a video is the hope for the viewer to take action of some kind – whether it’s buying your product or taking on board what they have learned and utilizing this new knowledge.
Video content is storytelling. Content must be well told and conveyed to be great. Done poorly, the less likely a viewer is to feel engaged by it – and even less likely to take the action hoped for by the end of it (if they get that far).
Animated videos are an excellent medium to convey your message and engage your viewer.

Animation Has Increased Longevity

One thing you notice right away when watching any traditional video is its age. More often than not, if you begin watching any live-action video, you can approximately guess when it was made. It will be apparent very quickly if a video is from the late 1980s or the 1990s, or from 2021. The usual cues giving a video’s age away are details such as clothing, hair, personal accessories, and very often even the quality of the film itself. Many Of the ‘dated’ live-action videos have a faded and/or grainier quality to them which can give their age away before anything else does. Animated videos can negate the aging issue where live-action cannot. 

Of course, eventually, an animated video of any sort will in some way slowly begin to reveal its age.  Still, the overall longevity of animation is far superior to that of any traditional video. ‘Cartoons’ of any sort have a fundamental and innate charm to them that transcends their real age. They will contain signals that give their numbers away over time but compared to traditional video, they have an extended lifespan. 

Animation Is Friendly

Animated videos touch the heart and mind of customers.

A great advantage of animation, which can outweigh any of the pros of traditional live-action video, is that animated video has a friendlier look and feel. Looking more approachable aesthetically can be of huge importance when a video is required to handle sensitive, intimidating, or any ‘difficult’ subjects. What could put people off with a live-action video can be avoided using animation. 

Generally speaking, the appearance of cartoon animation is something that we automatically associate as being harmless through seeing them during, and now attributing them to, childhood. This makes them an excellent video format for ‘softening’ what could otherwise be an awkward or difficult subject to cover in a video. In essence, it’s a fluffier and cozier way of wrapping problematic subject material.

Animated Videos Make it Simple

In a similar vein to making sensitive subjects easier to handle, animated videos are in a class of their own when it comes to making the difficult look simple. Many topics, especially within specific industries such as healthcare or science, can deal constantly with incredibly convoluted problems and issues. To convey the cause of the problem, what the problem is, and then the solution to the problem, can be very difficult to convey clearly and concisely with live-action. 

With animation, however, even the most complex scientific equations and solutions can be displayed and portrayed in ways that make them far more accessible and easier to understand. Animation makes it far simpler to depict the complexities and solutions to different problems.. Easy-to-understand visuals and texts can be applied to aid understanding and portray the precise breaking-down of the explanation. Another plus side is that animation videos are able to compress much more information in far more understandable terms at a faster rate than live-action. This is a crucial factor when budgeting for a video and a running time requirement.

Standing Out with Outstanding Animation

You can stand out with animated videos!

If you are in competition with peer organizations conducting similar business operations to your own, then you will want – and need – to stand out from the crowd. Videos, ultimately, are ten-a-penny in the business world, covering services offered and marketing promos, to training and staff conduct videos. Typically, these in-house videos and business deal videos are live-action and tend to have a very uniform feel. Remove the company logo from the screen and the video could probably look as if it were for any one of a thousand corporations. 

Animation, on the other hand, is not so common – and can therefore stand head and shoulders above other videos. With anything possible, using any colors imaginable, a unique animated video instead of a traditional video is far more likely to leave a memorable impression. By leaving an impression, it also enhances the likelihood of the content – the actual point of the video – to be retained in the viewer’s mind. To some extent, this is all still possible with live-action. But animation has the edge here over traditional as with animation, the lid is really off the box and anything goes. 

The Fun Factor of Animated Videos

A simple ingredient to the whole animation vs. traditional argument is that animation (cartoons) – are fun. This automatically gives them an advantage over live-action, which can very easily and very quickly trudge the viewers along into the mundane. Animation is not only eye-catching, it can sustain engagement purely through the entertaining nature inherent to animated content and hold viewer attention.

To sum it up animated videos are great!


Animation is an excellent medium for videos on any topic. Its versatility means that it can be used for an abundance of industries and topics. It makes an excellent alternative from traditional videos, the likes of which have come to be expected. From promos, marketing for LLCs, corporate training videos, to onboarding, and explainer videos, companies such as simpleshow provide excellent, memorable animation services to make your video stand out above the traditional crowd and take things to a new and unique level.

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