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The “Explainer Engine” – our artificial intelligence behind explainer videos

6. Jan 2022

The "Explainer Engine" - Our Artificial Intelligence Behind the Explainer Videos

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Artificial intelligence (AI) will have a decisive influence on our future. It already accompanies us in everyday life and at work. Self-driving cars, vacuum cleaner robots, image analysis and virtual assistants – the possible applications are almost endless.  The basic principle of artificial intelligence is simple: a machine is able to analyze data and solve... Read More

7 Guerilla Marketing Tactics to Promote Your Explainer Videos

24. Nov 2021

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Guerilla marketing is an unconventional form of marketing intended to generate brand awareness through shock, surprise, or amusement.  Video is essential for guerilla marketing since it can promote a product, explain concepts in simple language, narrate a story, or excite curiosity. Videomaker tools like simpleshow make it easy to create engaging and professional explainer videos... Read More

Corporate Identity – The individual personality of your company

7. Oct 2021

Corporate identity gives your company a personality.

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Why is a Corporate Identity so important? Every day we are inundated with information and images, and in a few seconds we evaluate whether we like them or not. Imagine, you are standing at a market and all around you people are shouting, trying to convince you (very loudly!) of their products. Sensory overload quickly... Read More