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Videos In Recruitment: Why What And How

27. Apr 2022

Here are a few tips on how to use video in the hiring process.

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Digitalization has impacted every corner of the globe and uniquely affected various business processes. Digital visuals can be called the most influential invention of the digital world. It is helpful in every activity no matter the purpose; for instance, it can be beneficial for learning, marketing, content creating, and other motives.  The hiring process have... Read More

The Influence of AI Video Recruitment on the Future of HR

15. Dec 2021

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Now that computers can do many of the tasks humans do, it makes sense that technology is being used in an industry that is heavily biased and tedious. To make HR departments more efficient, AI takes away bias and ambiguity and replaces them with consistency, data, and useful metrics. In this article we will discuss different aspects... Read More