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Ways to Improve Online Learning Experience

19. Jan 2022

Improve your online learning expirence with these hacks

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Online learning has become a convenient and efficient way for businesses and institutions to provide education and eLearning to employees and students. The software tools that support online learning offer extensive integration and can help instructors create engaging, interactive activities. In the following we would like to show you a few ways to optimize the... Read More

Why explainer videos are a great eLearning solution

26. Aug 2020

Why explainer videos are a great eLearning solution

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Demonstration Some things just have to be shown or demonstrated to be understood. When both visual and auditory senses are involved engagement and understanding increase. When visuals support the audio “text”, especially moving visuals, the information is conveyed in a double dose: as the learner does not only “hear”, but also “sees”, as opposed to... Read More