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5 Effective Tips on How to Use Video for B2B Sales

2. Feb 2022

Tips and Tricks for b2b sales!

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Videos have already become an essential part of our life along with texts and images. They can be used not only for entertainment purposes but they can also be an effective tool for boosting sales, employee training, and for explaining any complex topic! The following tips will show you how to turn video into a... Read More

How to Build a Sales Pipeline Using Video

8. Sep 2021

How To Incorporate Explainer Videos As Part Of Your Sales Strategy

Video, sales, sales team, sales strategy,

Do you still doubt whether to include videos in your sales and marketing strategy? Video statistics show that people prefer to watch videos to learn about the product or brand more than to read about it in articles, books, or presentations. Moreover, people remember 95% of the information through video compared to 10% through reading.... Read More