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Emotional marketing: What Emotions Do You Need to Use to Convey Information to the Audience?

14. Jul 2021

Tips and tricks, video marketing, marketing ideas, Marketer,

Emotions matter in marketing because the emotional connection is a significant determinant in the choices made by consumers. Therefore, as a marketer, it is imperative that you aim at making emotional impressions that attract your target audience’s attention to your service or product and trigger the right feelings.In emotional marketing, you tell stories connecting audiences... Read More

Video Marketing Trends You Can Successfully Implement in Your Explainer Videos

4. Mar 2020

mr. player explains marketing trends

explainer videos, video marketing, video marketing trends,

Whether you’re planning to elevate your YouTube career to the next level or provide your customers and clients with content of a higher quality, explainer videos can help achieve those goals. Given the importance of videos, following specific video marketing trends can help you increase your brand visibility and create more engaging content. According to... Read More