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Communicating with Clients through Videos

23. Jan 2019

combining videos with presentations

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In today’s world of technology people from across the world may potentially be your clients – no longer is it merely the people in your immediate surroundings! Video allows you to still communicate “face to face” with a large global client base. Moreover, video provides a low-cost, yet highly effective, way for communicating with clients.... Read More

Explaining Your Magic Quadrant Report Using Video

19. Dec 2018

Explaining Your Magic Quadrant Report Using Video

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 It has been said that the Magic Quadrant is like the gold standard for the technology provider market. Magic Quadrants are visualization tools – they impact how customers choose vendors by evaluating the progress and positions of companies in a specific technology-based market. They are also very useful tools for investors looking to find a company... Read More

5 Social Media Video Tips to Enhance Your Business

12. Dec 2018

5 social media video tips

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 The art of being a unicorn in an enchanted forest →  making your video stand out in crowded feeds!Despite our attempts not to rely on figures, we can’t deny the power numbers have on our decisions. When marketing teams are challenged with decision-making processes, going with your gut requires some solid research to satisfy your... Read More