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How to Use Instagram The Right Way for Marketing

27. Oct 2021

How to Use Instagram The Right Way for Marketing

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Lately, online platforms such as TikTok, Instagram, and Book of Ra have been booming. Instagram is the new haven for advertising purposes due to posts, videos, and stories. It is hip, flashy, and you can potentially reach millions of people with just one video ad. Especially due to the video maker tool that can be... Read More

Corporate Identity – The individual personality of your company

7. Oct 2021

Corporate identity gives your company a personality.

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Why is a Corporate Identity so important? Every day we are inundated with information and images, and in a few seconds we evaluate whether we like them or not. Imagine, you are standing at a market and all around you people are shouting, trying to convince you (very loudly!) of their products. Sensory overload quickly... Read More