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How to easily translate explainer videos into other languages

17. Mar 2021

How to easily translate explainer videos

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Exposure in multiple languages provides your organization with endless potential targets. With multilingual videos, you can engage international audiences and market your brand globally. Take advantage of this tremendous marketing opportunity by learning how to translate explainer videos into a variety of languages.  Animated explainer videos lend themselves perfectly for fairly-easy, straight-forward video translation as... Read More

Microsoft Teams enables the joint creation of animated videos with the simpleshow video maker

19. Nov 2020

Create explainer videos with simpleshow video maker

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What IT managers around the world have been dealing with for many years and has turned out to be a tough process for numerous companies has been massively accelerated by a diminutive virus in a very short time: The digitalisation of global corporations. Platforms for digital collaboration are on the rise, which in turn gives... Read More