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7 Great Science Topics for Explainer Videos

11. Jul 2018

7 Great Science Topics for Explainer Videos
 Topics for explainer videos are infinite! There is just so much to explain about the world we live in. We’ve already talked about great sports topics for explainer videos. So now let’s consider a few fascinating subjects, a few serious issues and a few fun things that will be great SCIENCE topics for explainer videos.7... Read More

Using Video Technology to Enhance Blended Learning

27. Jun 2018

using video technology to enhance blended learning

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 Mixed media classes have become more popular in higher education, and K-12 education’s upcoming counterpart blended learning is enticing more educators in the digital age. Generation Z learners are more familiar with technology at early life stages than some millennials are, so educational institutions adapting to the changing times and embracing blended learning only makes... Read More

What is Deep Learning?

6. Jun 2018

what is deep learning?
 Buzz words like neural networks, logistic regression, machine learning and deep learning are popping up more and more. Deep learning has been the focus of active research that aims to evaluate its function and strives towards illuminating how its methods are impacting traditional machine learning approaches. What is Deep Learning?The short answer: Deep learning is... Read More

How Animation Affects Children’s Brains

11. Apr 2018

how animation affect's children's brains
  It’s 2018 – books are no longer the only material providing education and entertainment simultaneously. Animation has become a vehicle to promote learning and provides several benefits for a child’s development. But how exactly does animation affect children’s brains?Animations are characterized by a sequence of quickly changing images that create an illusion. The human... Read More