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How motion triggers the mind…

4. Sep 2019

motion triggers the mind

explainer video, motion, video and mind,

Why does motion increasingly form part of modern day design? Firstly, thanks to better technologies and advanced browser capabilities complex visuals can now effortlessly form part of an interface without compromising speed and performance. Secondly, motion has a great impact on the mind! Focus Motion triggers the mind by attracting attention to a specific predetermined aspect... Read More

6 Suggestions for Writing a Video Description that Will Rank Better

15. Aug 2019

Video Description

seo, video description, explainer video, keywords, backlinks,

When it comes time to post your latest video, it’s critical to have a good video description to increase the potential views you’ll get. The video description should clearly give your viewers an idea of what the video is about, but can also be a great tool to send viewers to your website or social media. We understand that it can be difficult to write the perfect explainer video description, so we’ve prepared 6 suggestions to help you produce a great description.

Using Videos for Conversational Marketing

26. Jan 2019

videos for HR human resources

Applications, Business, explainer video,

Exploring the nature of conversational marketing At the heart lies the customer’s experience and convenience. Conversational marketing is part of inbound marketing and a strategy used to have 1:1 personal conversation via live chats, phone calls, messenger services, emails and bots for your business to interact with the customer how, when and where they want. Putting... Read More