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Having the fingers in every pie: Why an explainer video with hands is much better than one without

15. Jul 2016

mach deien eigene mysimpleshow


Let’s do something crazy… like put a summary at the beginning of this article. The summary will be about the characteristics of a typical simpleshow explainer video. Let’s go:  – super easy explanation of a complex topic – voice of a speaker – scribbled illustrations – maximum length of 3 minutes – end result: you’re much smarter than you were before... Read More

A Beginner’s Guide to Emotional Writing

24. Jun 2016

emotionales Schreiben

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Take a look at this great example of emotional writing: “As he rubbed his clammy hands together intensely, Mark slowly paced around the dim-lit studio apartment. His heart palpitated as he impatiently waited for the news. Would she make it? Was this the beginning of the end? He sat on the aged and floral couch, cued... Read More