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The Importance of Multicultural Marketing

2. Oct 2019

Multicultural Marketing

Business, explainer video, multicultral marketing, marketing, diversity,

Multicultural marketing is aimed at different cultural audiences. It is typically built around a specific ethnic group’s cultural traits (e.g. their traditions, customs and celebrations). By doing so multicultural marketing acknowledges differences in perceptions and customs among consumers with different cultural backgrounds. Therefore, multicultural marketing strategies need to ensure that the marketing campaign resonates with... Read More

What is Big Data?

18. Sep 2019

Big Data in Business

Business, Big Data, Digital,

Big Data is about large amounts of digital information. It is, in fact, so large in size that managing it is complex – it is difficult to store or transport and complicated to analyze. Big Data is so big that it poses major challenges to most institutions’ processing capacity as traditional data management tools are... Read More

Explainer Video Trends in 2019

20. Feb 2019

creating video surveys

Applications, Education, Business,

      How can you get the most out of your explainer videos in 2019? By following these five explainer video trends for 2019 it becomes possible to create outstanding videos! After all, if you are familiar with the latest trends in explainer video creation you will be able to make the right video to... Read More

5 Tips for Writing Killer Explainer Video Scripts

6. Feb 2019

one-liner videos to send to leads

Education, Business, Application,

Videos are incredibly popular among online audiences right now, and for a good reason. They’re highly engaging, informative, and easy-to-understand, so a lot of people watches them on a daily basis.One of the most popular types of video at the moment is explainer videos. According to The State of Video Marketing in 2018 compilation from... Read More