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How to develop a storyboard

27. Nov 2019

storybard for explainer videos

Tips and tricks, Guide, tools, storyboard,

 A Storyboard is the first step in bringing a scripted idea to life. It is a great way to explain a creative vision. As with a comic strip, a storyboard shows how events unfold. Frame by frame the shots needed for each scene are depicted. It shows staging as well as camera placement. It may... Read More

Amplification Through Simplification

26. Sep 2018

amplification through simplification

Tips and tricks, Applications, Education, Business,

 We’ve all heard the common phrase “opposites attract.” While that might not be the case in every situation, I have one for you that is worth exploring. Whether you are a teacher, a client or a business, the concept of amplification should sound familiar. Scott McCloud’s contradictory model amplification through simplification  allows opposites to attract and... Read More