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Explaining the Dual Coding Theory

7. Feb 2018

dual coding theory

Applications, Education, Business,

  Effective learning is key to success, satisfaction, and efficiency, isn’t it? Research has long investigated how to maximize learning and the capabilities of our brain. One theory that hypothesizes the expansion of knowledge retrieval states that visual cues improve recall. It is called the Dual Coding Theory. What is Dual Coding Theory? In the... Read More

mysimpleshow Hosts Webinar With AASL/ALA

31. Jan 2018

mysimpleshow hosts webinar with ALA/AASL

Applications, Education, Business,

 Here at mysimpleshow, we’re fans of webinars! Whether we’re hosting them or attending a webinar, we understand the value that a live online session brings to learning any topic.So, we recently collaborated with the American Association of School Librarians (AASL) and the American Library Association (ALA) to present our webinar “Tips and Tricks: mysimpleshow DIY... Read More

How To Teach a Language Using Video

15. Dec 2017

Wie lerne ich die Grundzüge einer fremden Sprache?

Applications, Education, Business,

 Videos are engaging, fun, diverse… and simply awesome (but you probably know that already!) There are so many different ways to use video whether you are an employee, company owner, teacher, student, or just a normal person! Even if reasons vary, video has just the right use for all of us. Let’s look at something... Read More

Why Video Content Benefits Cloud Based eLearning Systems

21. Nov 2017

video benefits cloud based elearning

Applications, Education, Business,

As technology advances, so does eLearning. eLearning increasingly uses cloud-based systems that are hosted on the Internet. These systems can easily be accessed from various web-enabled devices by logging into the service provider’s website. When courses are cloud-based, it is easy to amend and assign them to your learners on virtually any device.Cloud Based eLearning SystemsMost... Read More