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Amplification Through Simplification

26. Sep 2018

amplification through simplification

Tips and tricks, Applications, Education, Business,

 We’ve all heard the common phrase “opposites attract.” While that might not be the case in every situation, I have one for you that is worth exploring. Whether you are a teacher, a client or a business, the concept of amplification should sound familiar. Scott McCloud’s contradictory model amplification through simplification  allows opposites to attract and... Read More

A Guide to Creating Conversational Videos

4. Oct 2017

mr. player erklärt Video-Schulungen

Tips and tricks, Applications,

Is there a way to present information to a group while guiding the members to actively participate, and simultaneously ensure optimal learning? The answer is yes – conversational videos!With careful use of relevant video material, facilitators can create a unique interactive discussion and thereby ensure optimal learning. Let’s call this technique “conversational viewing” and the... Read More

12 Simple Ways to Add Exercise to Your Day

27. Sep 2017

add exercise to your day

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Being active is important – so important that it was the focus of FLOTUS 44’s campaign Let’s Move…and she only focused on childhood obesity. The amount of overweight and obese adults worldwide has more than doubled since 1980. Globally, and in America specifically, we’ve adopted a culture of convenience, and became comfortable with that…as in... Read More