simpleshow video maker

13. Jul 2016


mysimpleshow or magic? A little bit of both.

simpleshow releases a new quality-improved version of its online video making tool, mysimpleshow

Video making just got simpler with mysimpleshow's MoreMagic Release

Berlin, Germany, 13 July 2016 – simpleshow, the market leader for professional explainer video production, just released an improved version of its online video creator tool mysimpleshow. A t w users can make a simpleshowstyle animated video in minutes… and for free! Unlike other video making tools, mysimpleshow requires no previous video making experience or design skills. It’s based on a simple process that allows users to write a great story, which the tool illustrates ‘automagically’. The result is a quality animated video ready to share or download.

The core intelligence of mysimpleshow is its ‘Explainer Engine’, a sophisticated technological innovation combining semantic analysis, layout, and animation algorithms. In mysimpleshow’s MoreMagic release, additional intelligence was contributed that enhances the strength of the Explainer Engine. Through internet knowledge integration, dynamic layouts based on semantic relations, and improved editing features, mysimpleshow’s overall quality and usability improved with an even higher degree of process automation. Therefore, the MoreMagic release expands on mysimpleshow’s vision of offering the most userfriendly and highly intelligent video creation tool.

After a successful eight years of international business, mysimpleshow is simpleshow’s approach to provide great value to new target audiences. With operations based in Berlin, Germany, technological innovation is driven using the team’s distinguished set of competencies in simplification, user experience, and good explanation, creating the most simple online video maker that allows everyone to benefit from simpleshow’s knowledge and become an explainer expert.

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