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Ways to Improve Online Learning Experience

19. Jan 2022

Improve your online learning expirence with these hacks

Tips and tricks, eLearning, Video, storytelling, online learning, learning and development,

Online learning has become a convenient and efficient way for businesses and institutions to provide education and eLearning to employees and students. The software tools that support online learning offer extensive integration and can help instructors create engaging, interactive activities. In the following we would like to show you a few ways to optimize the... Read More

The “Explainer Engine” – our artificial intelligence behind explainer videos

6. Jan 2022

The "Explainer Engine" - Our Artificial Intelligence Behind the Explainer Videos

artificial intelligence, explainer videos, Explainer Engine, simpleshow video maker, Keywords, illustrations,

Artificial intelligence (AI) will have a decisive influence on our future. It already accompanies us in everyday life and at work. Self-driving cars, vacuum cleaner robots, image analysis and virtual assistants – the possible applications are almost endless.  The basic principle of artificial intelligence is simple: a machine is able to analyze data and solve... Read More

The Influence of AI Video Recruitment on the Future of HR

15. Dec 2021

artificial intelligence, HR, human resources, Hiring Process, Remote Hiring, video hiring, AI Video Recruitment,

Now that computers can do many of the tasks humans do, it makes sense that technology is being used in an industry that is heavily biased and tedious. To make HR departments more efficient, AI takes away bias and ambiguity and replaces them with consistency, data, and useful metrics. In this article we will discuss different aspects... Read More