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How To Build a Resilient Remote Workforce Using Online Learning

21. Apr 2021

How To Build a Resilient Remote Workforce Using Online Learning

online learning, remote work, resilience, remote workforce,

Is your team building resilience in the remote workplace? The benefits of resilience in the remote workplace include teams having more clarity of purpose, stronger connections, and a can-do attitude. The good news is that you can support resiliency in your workplace by using online learning tools and here’s how. Encourage resilience-oriented conversations It is... Read More

Creating Accessible Video Content: A Quick Guide

14. Apr 2021

How To Create Accessible Video Content

Tips and tricks, video content, accessible video content, video accessibility,

Our simpleshows can provide transcripts, closed captioning, sign language picture-in-picture video, slower pacing, audio descriptions, and no background music if requested. Our simpleshow interactives can provide reading and navigational order that is logical and intuitive, as well as, audio control, keyboard accessibility, adjustable timing, and larger text size and text spacing if needed. Learn how... Read More