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Tips on How Training Videos Can Help Businesses and Employees

15. Sep 2021

employee training, learning and development, learning, management, learning, development,

Nowadays we are watching a highly competitive atmosphere for recruitment of top talent. If you can have a good employee training and development program in place, it will set you apart for your industry. However, training and development are not just useful for the recruitment of the right people, they are useful for keeping the... Read More

Learning through self-explaining

18. Nov 2020

Learning through self-explaining

eLearning, self-improvement, self-explaining,

A university study revealed something rather interesting: through physical experience understanding is deepened. Brain scans of students who learnt through “doing” showed that when they thought about the learnt topic the sensory and motor-related parts of their brains were activated for better recall. Could it be that self-explaining is a form of “physical experience” that... Read More