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Building Relationships with Videos and Storytelling

12. Sep 2018

building relationships with videos and storytelling Kunden Beziehungen Humor

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 Planning your next presentation? Whether you are a very structured, plan-ahead type of person or a ‘figure it out’ as you go person, you are likely to start your presentation off with a story. Why? Instinctively we feel that it is easier if we either share something from our personal life or the audience’s life.... Read More

One-Liner Videos to Send to Your Leads

5. Sep 2018

one-liner videos to send to leads
 A one-liner usually refers to a joke that is delivered in a single line. However, in the corporate world, one-liners take on a slightly different meaning. They may still be humorous, but they are now used to inform and draw customers. Business one-liners are used to describe or explain what your company does in a... Read More

Using Video Communication to Manage Key Accounts

29. Aug 2018

Using Video Communication to Manage Key Accounts
  While the old description of a key account manager (KAM) would use terms like “individual” and “specialized”, the more modern key account manager is best described by being a well rounded employee. Successful key account managers combine strategic skills with corporate know how and a high consultancy competence. KAM refers to the relationship between... Read More